Welcome to Francis Nora's photo blog!  Proofing albums are hosted by an external site called ShootProof.  Simply click the tab above that says "find your proofing album..." and you will see tabs and albums listed by first(or last) names only for security.  No password is needed to view proofing albums, so it's a chance to check out current work if interested in a session. :)

Photo shoots are usually quite relaxed as I'm accustomed to six children of my own. :)  As a result, I have started to specialize (somewhat) in family and children's photography...we'll have a good time (whether your kids want to or not :).  A two hour session window is $195 for groups under ten.  That session fee includes proofs posted online for a minimum of one month for sharing and digital downloads with copyrights to all of the images in the proofing album.  Simple...Easy...breath.   

If you would like to schedule a photo session, please contact me, Andria, either via phone/text: 317-946-1582